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Justo anoche me llegó la invitación :D

Y en mi caso la invitación no fue fruto de vapor4linux, ni de la encuesta de Valve, el email es por participar en la UDS. Y yo que pensaba que mi email les había conmovido...

Mi email a Valve:

Hello again,
I signed the Steam Linux beta survey, but i'm not in the beta team :(
I know that more than 60k people signed the Steam Linux beta survey, so ...

Why should you add me to the Linux beta team? Because:
  • I'm using Linux for over 10 years.
  • I'm using Ubuntu since version 4.10 (first version).
  • I'm a software developer. I used GTK, QT, Tcl/Tk... I can send you good feedback.
  • I have 3 computers:
    • Desktop: AMD FX 8210, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460, Ubuntu 12.10.
    • Desktop: Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, ATI HD6670, Ubuntu 12.04.
    • Laptop: Intel Atom, 2 GB, Intel 950GMA, Ubuntu 12.10.
  • I also run Steam on wine, with a different Linux user.
  • I allways install the NVIDIA drivers by myself, so i can easily check a game with different driver versions.
  • I have all Valve games.
  • I bought Serious Sam 3: BFE and KIlling Floor today just because it works in Linux.
  • I also have many Linux games on Steam.
  • I'm waiting Steam for Linux since 2005.
  • I have cancer.
  • Ok, i have no cancer, but i am very impatient. And waiting is stressful. And stress increases the chance of cancer.
  • I'm spanish. Spain has more than 25% unemployment. I'm young. Youth unemployment is over 50%. Unemployment is stressfull...
  • Ok, i'm not unemployed, but i'm learning German, and i need to play Day of Defeat: Source. Ich muss lernen!
  • Spain has problems with terrorism. I have to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive to be prepared for terrorist attacks. My country needs me!
  • Spain has more than 30% of poverty. People go hungry. People have to eat something ... perhaps other people. People will become zombies! I need to play Left4dead 2! I need to be ready!
  • ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is being built in the south of France, near Spain. This experiment will generate a lot of energy, perhaps too much, perhaps it will create a gap in our dimension ... a portal to Xen. I'm also learning French. I can work in France, and i could prevent this from happening, but i need to play Half Life!!!

Think about it.

Jajajajaja, al menos fijo que se echaron unas cuantas risas.

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