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Gabe Newell, el director general de Valve (la empresa detrás de Half life y steam), se ha proninciado recientemente en una entrevista acerca del cliente de Steam para Linux, que como algunos ya sabréis es un tema de estado en este blog.
GABE @ 02:13: I don’t think that our motivation is to delay the next Half-Life game. I think one of the things that’s useful for people to, at least understand is: Whenever you are trying to figure out what we are doing, it’s useful to know we have way too many things to do than people to do them. So we’re always sorta measuring things in terms of trade-offs; so we look at how much time something will take versus how many of our customers it’ll benefit. So for example on Linux, we obviously would like to have a Linux client and we’d like to have our games running on Linux, a lot of our— I mean our servers run on Linux, so we’ve been supporting Linux since ‘98 in terms of having server support, but whenever we look at that we have to compare that with “Okay, well we can spend that time making the Mac version better, or the Windows version better, or the 360″. Recently we started supporting the PS3, and for us that decision was mainly motivated by Sony’s willingness to be more open than the console companies have traditionally been around being an internet client. And to us that seemed like something we should really get behind, that sorta tipped us over in terms of doing a PS3 version. But that’s the thing that we’re always faced with. It’s not “What would we like to do?” it’s “What five things would we give up in order to do the one thing we are able to do?”. And that is the constant frustration we have is, there are only so many hours in the day, and we’d love to be doing all those things simultaneously.
Es decir, Valve tiene interés en lanzar el cliente de Steam y todos sus juegos para Linux, pero no es una prioridad y por eso se va retrasando.

Ante esto me asaltan una serie de dudas: Ahora que después de 12 años ya va a salir el Duke Nukem Forever ¿Será Steam para Linux el nuevo proyecto que nunca llega? Y cuando finalmente llegue ¿Llegará tarde y solo será una sombre de la tienda de software de Ubuntu?

Lo único seguro es que mientras Valve se lo toma con calma, Desura para Linux progresa rápidamente.

PD: quiero destacar uno de los comentarios que he encontrado sobre esto:
My response to this is that their Mac guys must be absolutely incompetent, considering icculus can take a code base, flip it upside down, releases builds for Mac, Linux, your toaster, your car, and your dog, and have a bug fix release out in about three to five months. What is wrong with the guys they have working for them if they feel so overstretched when one guy can kick their asses?
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